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Dreaming is nice. Butterflies in your tummy is nicer. Holding hands is nicer still. Finding someone to love, or be loved by, is bliss.
Spending time with your sweetheart is something we all need to do more of. So we've handpicked holiday accommodation all around Australia, especially for couples searching for romantic weekend getaways or a divine honeymoon destination - something secluded, charming, decadent, peaceful, unusual or luxurious. No more trawling the World Wide Web for the perfect place to stay ... LoveBirds is all about twos.

How LoveBirds came to be

LoveBirds is the child of David and Victoria (that's me). We have been in love for an eternity. We know how lucky that makes us. We would be described as both dreamers and hopeless romantics.

After losing my Dad in late 2005, we understood that you need to embrace love and life with both hands, and that fear of failure is a waste of time. So, LoveBirds was born in 2006 and I dedicate this website to my heroic and funny Dad, Barry (Boots).

Where we came from

Yes, the stork did in fact bring us both into the world. Our parents were the only ones accepting packages that day and as they say, the rest is history.

David is a poet and painter of an abstract world. So to LoveBirds he brings his artistic talents and sense of wonder. I have a background in Tourism, Marketing and Digital, so to LoveBirds I bring all that I have learnt throughout the years, plus a dash of exuberance, and a sprinkle of optimism.

Why you need lovebirds to plan your next romantic getaway or honeymoon

David and I love to travel. At the very least we like to scoot off for a romantic getaway every Anniversary. We (well mostly I) spent hours and hours on the Internet searching for lovely places to rest our weary bones and minds. Usually we could only afford to go away for a night or two, so it was really important that the place we eventually chose was perfect for a romantic time away. Of course, that wasn't always the case.

So LoveBirds aims to take the hard work and fear out of planning a romantic getaway or honeymoon. Whether it's for a day or a week, we've handpicked properties that offer something truly special for people travelling in twos.


A good excuse to fly away!

Romantic Getaway ideas

Honeymoons, Honeymoons, Honeymoons

Divine Packages

Lovely packages with frills, like candlelight dinners, delicious treatments, champagne and the like. They aim to make planning the perfect romantic getaway or honeymoon even easier. You are sure to earn a few brownie points too.

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In short ...

LoveBirds is the only place you need to visit when searching for a heavenly honeymoon or romantic getaway. So tweet your friends, follow us on Facebook or Instagram, or just fly away lovebirds, fly away.

A few of our favourite things

Kudos Villas

From $370 per night

Cedars Mount View

From $515 per night